nugget (countable and uncountable; plural: nuggets)

  1. (countable) a small, compact chunk or clump, as gold nugget
  2. (countable) a tidbit of something valuable, as a nugget of wisdom
  3. (uncountable) a type of boot polish
  4. (countable) a bud from the Cannabis Sativa plant. Usually implies dankness.
  5. (countable) slang term for an inexperienced, newly trained fighter pilot.

6 letters in word "nugget": E G G N T U.

No anagrams for nugget found in this word list.

Words found within nugget:

egg en eng et gen gent genu get gnu gu gue gun gunge gut ne neg net nu nut te teg tegg tegu ten tug tun tune tung ug un unget ut ute